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Why access to finance should be top of your agenda.

Unprecedented.  A word commonly used in recent months to describe the challenges we have and continue to face in the wake of the Coronavirus crisis.  As lockdown begins to ease, and UK businesses begin bracing themselves to return to work in earnest they will face an abundance of issues to resolve with access to finance being key.

Businesses are critical to our economy and as they get back up and running, the issues they face from ensuring workplaces are Covid secure, managing the slow return and retention of staff, loss of income and a slow-down in sales, will have a significant impact on their cashflow.  Over the course of the crisis, the Government has reacted with unprecedented speed and financial support ensuring they give businesses the greatest chance of surviving and resuming trade as quickly as possible. Accessing the financial support made available by the Government has been a key priority to business owners and directors to protect their futures.  However, the CBILS and Bounce Back Loans only provide short-term comfort to those who have accessed them and will need to be factored into a repayment plan in 12 months-time. 

Ensuring access to a longer-term flexible supply of cash to cope with whatever scenario a business finds themselves in is critical to secure their future.  Reality suggests there are firms who have simply not been able to carry on as cashflow dried up.  There will be others who are balancing cashflow challenges and managing to survive and others that have seen their businesses thrive but may be suffering the impacts of these challenging times.  With the UK economy expected to plunge into one of the deepest recessions on record, firms in the region need to be aware of the finance that is accessible to them.

Ensuring a healthy cashflow and a funding facility which delivers this should be at the top of the agenda.  At Pulse Cashflow Finance, we believe Invoice Finance could be the answer.  With over 40,000 firms benefitting from £22.7 billion, it’s a hugely popular form of finance to support cashflow.

Flexible supply of working capital

Invoice Finance provides a supply of cash against a firms’ unpaid invoices.  By using cash that is tied up in unpaid invoices – businesses are using their own funds to reinvest in their business.  Invoice finance releases up to 85% of the value of unpaid invoices in 24 hours providing a flexible supply of working capital.  Pulse guarantees to help clients set up a flexible invoice finance package within five working days.

An antidote to late payment

As businesses protect their cash reserves, late payment may become an issue which can have a negative impact on cashflow.  An Invoice Finance facility with Pulse Cashflow includes a sales ledger management service to maximise efficient collections and enhance cash flow – giving business managers the breathing space they need to attend to the day to day requirements of the business itself.

Protecting your business

Businesses are really concerned about the future and it is impossible to say how things are going to pan out over the next 6 months. Our invoice finance facilities come with bad debt protection which could prove vital during unpredictable times to protect businesses.  We are holding our bad debt protection costs and risk profile to pre-covid-19 levels for the foreseeable future as our way of offering additional support to firms in the region.

Pulse Cashflow are committed to helping businesses access flexible and transparent funding solutions as quickly and as easily as possible and are open and available to discuss your financing needs




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