Reshaping our business to better serve our Clients


Siouxsie Ashmore, Head of Strategic Finance, Pulse Cashflow

Reshaping our business to better serve our Clients

Siouxsie Ashmore – Head of Strategic Finance - explains why serving our clients better means reshaping our business.

It’s been an exciting year for Pulse Cashflow. We are benefiting from sustained investment by our Parent and a strategic move to deliver bespoke funding solutions for larger organisations from SMEs to Large Corporates is evidence of this. 

Strategic Finance is an exciting proposition if not more complex. Our experience and expertise in understanding how businesses work and our client centric approach is ideal in these scenarios as we work together to deliver an effective solution to help these firms bring their strategies to life. 

Fully committing to the vision has been a catalyst for change within our Operations arena. We started with an overhaul of our operational teams to create the distinction between our Invoice Finance and our Strategic Finance clients to ensure that we better serve this growing and diverse range of clients. We defined the service standards for the two different portfolios in relation to client expectations, response times and service quality and assigned our teams accordingly. We are lucky to have a strong team with a wide range of skills and expertise which no doubt will deliver excellent levels of client satisfaction. 

We have always worked closely as a multifunctional team across sales, Risk and Operations and have developed new documentation, processes, and controls to help us manage our growing Strategic Finance portfolio. Critical to this is the close working relationship with Martin Bennison our Sales and Marketing Director and his team to ensure we understand how these deals are structured and what we need to deliver to meet client expectations which is key to achieving our ambitious growth objectives. Every client has a dedicated Client Manager who understands their unique needs and serves as a liaison between the client and the business. 

We continue to invest in our teams – providing opportunities to train and develop skills to enhance their ability to meet the specific needs of our clients. We operate a “recruit from within” strategy to support our employees in building a career in the world of finance. It helps with longevity and consistency of service. We have been taking on Strategic Finance clients over the last year, learning and refining as we go. We are proud to say that our facilities are making a difference to their businesses as they work to increase business value.


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