5 Year Anniversary


5 Year Anniversary

In July we celebrate 5 years of Pulse Cashflow Finance.

To celebrate we are launching a new website; new simplified services - Factoring Solutions, Outsourced Credit Control, and the formal launch this month of Construction Finance.

We welcome our new staff!

Today’s article is all about us, our friends and clients and what we’re doing 5 years on.

Pulse has grown and developed year on year since its birth in 2010, a major achievement given some of the most difficult economic conditions in recent times.

To celebrate our 5 years, we launch our brand new web-site which presents a new and clearer suite of services; take a look www.pulsecashflow.com

We thank our friends and introducers (many are both!) for the incredible support given to us over the years and together we have completed some fabulous business with noteworthy success. Our introducers welcome the longevity of generous commission rates of long serving clients.

We are fortunate to have many loyal and long standing clients, some of whom have been with us since the beginning. They appreciate the value of dynamic and speedy responses and the high level hands on service which makes us the Lender of the ’First Resort‘, to many. We truly value the commitment and loyalty of clients who choose our services year after year and the praise and thanks we get from the excellent service delivery, makes it all worth while.

We now have just ONE Factoring service, which we customise to our clients’ needs exactly. We move fast and can finance deals from £1.00 to £2 million. So visit www.Pulsecashflow.com and click on Factoring Solutions and see the kind of deals we fund. If the sales ledger is good, then there’s a great chance we will fund it, our core underwriting and operational practises are based on the quality of the debt – making decision-making simple and FAST. There are case studies and news items on our web- site to remind you of the kind of deals which have been successfully concluded in recent times.

We now formally launch our confidential Construction Finance for contractual situations where funding is provided on applications for payment. Click on this service on www.pulsecashflow.com and see the type of business we can and have funded. The formal launch of this product brings to the market an alternative and bespoke player that understands the needs of this market, it is not totally new to us, we have been running construction deals for some time with huge success, but now formally launch it to all our introducers . We have invested in dedicated staff, alongside outsourced and dedicated QS support, who focus wholly on our Construction Finance book. We are now seeking new members to compliment the Construction Finance business development team, please contact Brit Pearce on 07880 717845.

Our final simplified service - , because we have great credit control on tap, in house, is our Outsourced Credit Control Service, uniquely placed to assist collection and manage overhead costs; our pricing is simple , and the product targets businesses with up to 300 live debtors.

Keep an eye out for new services, which we plan to launch later this year. We are currently developing many complimentary products and partnerships for launch later in the year to celebrate our 5 year anniversary …………….watch this space.

Today we have better funding options financing a growing successful portfolio and our plans are to continue to grow whilst providing a better, flexible and highly serviced offering for our clients.

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